Active Treesit in Hudson Valley Needs Support

by Hudson Valley Earth First! / Earth First! Newswire

Yesterday, December 8, Millennium Pipeline Company began clearing trees for the Valley Lateral Pipeline which would fuel the Competitive Power Ventures Fracked Gas Plant in Wawayanda, NY. This morning, December 9, a treesitter was discovered in the path of pipeline right-of-way, blocking further destruction of endangered Bald Eagle, Indiana Bat, and Bog Turtle habitat and stop the almost completed power plant from ever being fueled. This is the end game. Officials from CPV have stated they could go bankrupt as soon as August 2018 if the power plant is not fueled by then. This pipeline is the bottleneck to stopping this plant. Aides to Gov. Cuomo and CPV executives are set to go to trial in January over a bribery scandal. With tree clearing season only running til the end of March, this campaign is winnable. Hudson Valley Earth First! needs your assistance. If you’re able to come and help defend this bio-region, get in contact at

 Also, if the pipeline is stopped before August 2018, the CPV plant will likely go bankrupt and this beautiful bioregion will be spared from further ecological destruction. After nearly 10 years of calling our government officials and light disruptions, we are out of options.

If you would like to support this campaign, but cannot come out, please consider donating to our fundly that will help us supply actions, keep treesitters warm (it’s cold as fuck) and any potential legal funds. NOTE: Our current campaign actually has ZERO dollars, we updated an old fundly page. DONATE:

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