““Standing Rock on Hudson II”

““Standing Rock on Hudson II”

A Gathering of Eco-Tribes

*Unity in Diversity: Standing Together For The Hudson River, For Primal
Unity And  Primal Sovereignty *

*Monday, February 20th, Presidents’ Day, 2017      9 am to 5 pm *

*Boughton Place 150 Kisor Road Highland, NY*

$25 suggested donation for whole day, couples $40 per day, Low group rates

Please join us for an all-day event bringing together environmental
visionaries, indigenous elders, musicians, scholars, activists, and
peacemakers to discuss and unite in creating a plan of action for the
on-going protection of the Hudson River and its people.

Primal sovereignty is a Native American concept/insight that embraces all
sentient beings and which inspired the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There will be over a dozen guest speakers from various organizations, and
those attending will be able to speak to them one on one. Author Evan
Pritchard, (Center for Algonquin Culture) will MC and speak about the
meaning of sovereignty for human beings and all life forms.  He will also
talk about the proposal for anchorages in the Hudson. Greg Quinn (Standing
Rock Veteran, Director, Current C of Staatsburg, NY) will give a talk
called “We Are the Water Protectors.” Strong Oak (Mi’kmaq, Vision Bear
Lodge) will give a talk called “I Love Diversity.” Kieran Conroy (Pastoral
Support for Split Rock Camp at Ramapough) will speak about “The Internet as
Council House.”  Phil Emer and Staci Lepari (White Pine Farm) will talk
about the importance of team work. J.K. Canepa (Resist Spectra) will talk
about the dangers of pipelines at Indian Point Power Plant. Karin Wolfe
(Sierra Club) will talk about “Water and Spirituality.” Sue Rosenberg
(Citizens Against Pilgrim Pipeline) will speak about how to stop proposed
pipelines north of Indian Point. Jordan Huggins (Earth First) will give a
talk called “The Bomb Train Stops Here.” Sally Bermanzohn (Neetopk-Keetopk)
will speak about “The Two Row Campaign Moving Forward.” Shannon Flynn will
assist with opening ceremonies. David Eberle (Sloop Club) will talk about
the pleasures of civic responsibility. Creek Iversen, (Seed Song Farm) Lisa
Mitten and others will provide music.

Break out groups, followed by brain storming session followed by individual
statements of intent, each of us inaugurating our own plan for a better New

For more information, contact Evan Pritchard at *evan.pritchard7@gmail.com
<evan.pritchard7@gmail.com>*, (845)377-1110. Or JoyAnn Savino @

Overnight accommodations are available.

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