Calling all Earth First!ers, Land Defenders and Earth Loving Rebels Join us for the 2017 Earth First! Winter Rendezvous – February 10-14th


Mohicanituck or the “River that flows two ways” Watershed
so-called New York – Lenape/mahican Territory
February 10th – 14th

All over the world, battles are raging to defend the earth and its
inhabitants. Despite the insatiable appetite of industrial
civilization and it’s propensity to degrade, destroy and domesticate,
we still see bold resistance and wild resiliency. Here on Turtle
Island: the forces of colonization continue to displace and denigrate
the land and water, under the guise of progress, economic prosperity
and comfort. The ecosystems we are part of are under attack and
self-defense for our communities is the only option.

Hudson Valley Earth First! is thrilled to host this year’s Earth
First! Winter Rendezvous in the Catskill Mountains of the Hudson
River Watershed for a week of workshops, music, hiking , fire, howling  at the moon         and, of course, effective direct action. We have reserved heated cabins and other indoor space to engage in important movement discussions and provide a space to plug into existing campaigns and projects in our bioregion.

Pipelines, power plants, bomb trains and a whole slew of other
development projects are either currently under construction or in the
proposal and permitting phases. Despite a de facto ban on fracking in
NY, oil and gas infrastructure continue to invade our communities.
We are excited to bring an uncompromising Earth First! presence to a
region that has never hosted a Rondy before. We aim to craft this
year’s Winter OC and Rendezvous into both a meaningful opportunity to
connect activists and environmental campaigns from across the country,
and a resounding gesture of solidarity with all those resisting the
spread and effects of industrial society.


We are encouraging folks to pre-register to camp to reserve space in
one of the cabins/’hotel’ rooms, to  better accommodate folk’s needs,
as well as provide us with an estimate number of attendance. If you
are able, please donate prior to camp to help offset our costs for hosting
the event. Warm and comfy cabins, and the amazing kitchen you will be served
out of unfortunately do not come for free. We ask for a donation of least
$5 per person per day, and more if you can swing it! However, no one will be
away for lack of funds. Please donate at the link below….

Donate here:

Send us an RSVP e-mail with answers to the following:
–    When you are coming & how long you plan to stay
–    If you want to stay in a TWAC or MAD cabin
–    Housing needs relating to sobriety, a quiet or less quiet preference
–    Food allergies or dietary preferences
–    Any other needs, questions or concerns you may have


The closest airports are Albany NY, Stewart Airport and any NYC airports
There is a bus from the Albany Airport and from Penn Station NYC to
the town of Big Indian, NY close to where the WR will be held. A bus into
Phoenecia, NY would also work, just a few minutes further. We can
provide any pick-ups from bus stop as needed, just let us know.

In terms of arrival time, the Winter rendezvous begin the afternoon of  Friday the      10th, so make plans accordingly.

Any questions please e-mail us.

Please Consider:

The Winter Rendezvous is an event open to all (except cops and law
enforcement, of course), so please leave oppressive, elitist and
disruptive attitudes at home. Elitist or oppressive behavior will not
be tolerated. Our goal is a week of celebration, learning and sharing
of ideas that is open to all, from rural landowners, to townies, to
environmental activists of all stripes. Remember the saying: talk to
someone you don’t know – let’s help our movement grow! As always,
there will be spaces for alcohol and partying, and there will be
spaces conducive to sobriety and quietude. It is expected that these
spaces and policies will be respected. In short, don’t be a jerk!
There will also be a safe space for child-care, and we could use help
creating and maintaining it. There will be on-site medics with
emergency medical training and herbal medicine knowledge, as well as
spaces to go for health and healing. If you have any particular skills
that would help with any of these things, contact us.

There will be folks working security/welcome throughout the gathering
to keep any unwelcome people out of the gathering and welcome folks
into camp. As is usual, we will be constantly signing up volunteers to
help with camp security, childcare, conflict mediation, and other
tasks to keep the camp functioning.

Contact us for more info, or if you are interested in volunteering,
presenting workshops or trainings, etc:

hudsonvalleyearthfirst (at)

No compromise!

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