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The Earth First! Journal is a unique source for radical environmental direct action news and analysis

The  winter issue is on the way, and we want you to read it!

And while you’re there, check out their t-shirts, patches, pins, stickers, and books–and consider ordering a subscription for a prisoner! The latest issue is being printed now, but they still need more money to send it out to our subscribers. Every purchase helps us cover the costs of shipping, along with making future magazines from the front lines of the radical environmental movement.

You won’t want to miss the winter issue, Yule 2016/17! In this volume you’ll read about the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota and Iowa; more pipeline battles in Florida; how the media has responded to the Flint water crisis; ALF vandalism; sabotage themed fun pages, and more! Subscribe during this flash sale and you’ll receive the latest issue when it comes out at the end of the month (or a little later if you’re international).

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For the Wild,
The Earth First! Journal Collective

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