Lego Land Earth First! is born

Last Thursday, Lego Land Earth First! attempted to enter a town board meeting and were met with fierce repression from cops, jerks and… narrow doorways.

In addition to this video, LLEF! has released a communique to us through our complicated network of strings and cans:

“We are Lego Land Earth First! We are the ‘piece of resistance’ to stop Merlin Entertanment’s plans. Those blockheads thought we would let them destroy over 500 acres of wild without speaking up. We are here to snap in the building blocks of dissent. We may be a small group, but we advise Merlin and the town board of Goshen not to step on us.

No compromise in defense of free play
Death to Kragle and Lord Business”


Merlin entertainmen has plans for a 170 acre amusement park on 523 acres of forested wetland and water source to nearby communities. Legoland has indicated that the Park will attract between 1.8 and 2.2 million visitors each year. The noise and air pollution and tremendous traffic congestion, use of limited water and tapping into Goshen Sewer system threatenlocal ecosystems. The project includes an amusement park, waterpark, hotel and guest campground, further industrializing Orange County and the Hudson River Valley Bioregion.

Updates and other media:


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