SUNOCO Rapidly Cuts Trees on Mariner East 2 Pipeline, 2 arrested on $100,000 bail, 2 still in the trees!

Right now: Sunoco Logistics is clear-cutting trees on the Gerhart family’s property in Huntingdon County to make way for the Mariner East 2 pipelines. Sunoco’s claims to eminent domain are under appeal by the family and are currently being challenged by Clean Air Council, yet Sunoco is seizing land across Pennsylvania for its for-profit pipeline that would ship the gas overseas.


Sunoco crews have been walking and cutting outside of the right-of-way and within close proximity to people observing their work. Sunoco still doesn’t have the erosion or watercrossing permits it needs, yet not only are crews cutting trees, they are cutting on steep slopes and into the streambed and wetlands.


Two people were arrested yesterday, one student from Juniata College, who is alleged to have crossed into the claimed Mariner East 2 pipeline right-of-way to warn crews that a tree they were about to cut held a safety line for one of three tree-sitting protesters, and another protester who had been telling crews to stay in the right-of-way.

Both have been held at $100,000 bail for Contempt of the Judges Order. One of them has an additional disorderly conduct charge.  Please donate and share widely!



Although Sunoco has already cut a lot of the trees along the right of way on their property, there are still several areas that they have not cut and cannot, since there are people sitting in trees to prevent felling. There are currently 2 tree-sits on opposite sides of their property, holding down some mature Oak and Pine trees, near wetlands, riparian areas and woodland ecosystems.


For more info about the campaign go here:

For radio interview of Gerhart’s:

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