Updates on the CPV Power Plant fight


Following the blockade of the main entrance to the power plant site in December of 2015, the HVEF! collective continues to support and engage with the growing community resistance to this project in Orange County. Luckily for us, we are not alone in this. For the past several months numbers at the weekly pickets have been growing and support for the “Wawayanda Six” as they’ve been dubbed, has been steady from folks across the region. As one of the blockaders Maddie Shaw stated after the last court date on the 21st, “This looks like it’s becoming a movement!


The night before the arraignment of the folks arrested, Sustainable Warwick organized a forum/debate on the CPV.  issue. While we think the time is WAY past debate, the event brought in hundreds (perhaps in large part due to big names present), which will hopefully be inspired to get more involved. Our friend James Cromwell has certainly been helpful in gaining media attention for the issue, which we greatly appreciate.

SW Forum

As phase 1 the project continues (“site preparation” no buildings yet) and more folks get involved, the question for us becomes more glaring; when will the next blockade or direct action happen? While this remains to be seen, we will continue to build bridges with other community members and forge our own path as well. Just like the recent home demo we participated in last week to fight Skanska, a company building the power plant we are fighting locally and an underground animal lab in Seattle, we aim to make connections with other struggles and build an ecological resistance movement here in the Hudson Valley bioregion that has teeth.

Stay tuned! Study Up! and go outside!





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