Direct Action at CPV Construction Site!


Today lawyer Michael Sussman and about fifty impacted community members met at the Competitive Power Ventures construction site to listen on as Mr. Sussman gave a news briefing on his plans to bring an appeal to the State Supreme Court’s Appellate division.

Initially Sussman took suit to the Orange County Supreme court– pushing for a halt of work pending an updated Environmental Impact Statement which was later dismissed by Judge Elaine Slobod.

​(Lawyer Michael Sussman addressing media and local residents about his plans to continue a fierce legal battle)

Then suddenly, local anti-fracking activists began blockading the site from truck traffic. 
The blockaders included actor James CromwellPramilla Malick, a community organizer and Madeline Shaw, a resident who lives near by the site. These fine folks locked themselves together by the neck using U-locks, and effectively stopped truck traffic for about an hour

In conjunction with the 3 U-locked activists 3 more concerned folks stood- arms locked in defiance of Competitive Power Ventures plans to build a 640 MW power plant in Minisink NY

This action is the just a taste of what residents are willing to do to halt Competitive Power Ventures inside, and outside the courthouse!
When New York State Police arrived on site they promptly removed the three protesters who were linked by the arm in solidarity with their bike-locked comrades. 
One by one the police began disconnecting the three brave protesters, and placed them in handcuffs. It has been reported that all 6 protesters were given appearance tickets by the State Police and then released there after.

Direct Action is alive and well and the Hudson Valley.


Please consider donating to our action fund to keep up the momentum!

For The Wild,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Earth First!ers

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