Protesters arrested at Indian Point Nuclear Plant

BUCHANAN NY- December 12th– Approximately 10 protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct at Indian Point Saturday, after they stretched yellow caution tape across the main entrance of the nuclear power plant.

About 30 protesters rallying for the closure of the plant marched a quarter of a mile with picket signs, then spoke in front of entrance to the plant. Those blocking the entrance were issued a warning before being placed under arrest.

Village police confirmed the arrests but would not verify the number or give further information on those arrested.


The protest was organized by the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the federal agency that licenses nuclear plants, announced it would allow one of the plant’s two reactors, Unit 3, to continue to operate after its license expires Saturday at midnight.

Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, is awaiting a decision from the NRC to renew its operating licenses for Unit 3 and Unit 2. The NRC has said that the reactors can continue operating while until it makes a decision on the new licenses. Unit 2 is operating under a permit that expired in 2013.

Entergy first applied for renewal in 2007. Indian Point is the only facility in the country whose reactors are operating on an extended permit.

Seth Harrison contributed to this report.

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