Fuck Skanska: They Build for Animal Torturers and Gas Holes

For Friday the 13th last week, a couple of lawless troglodytes had a festive decorating party and short occupation of a temporary work zone being used to install a water line connecting the city of Middletown to CPV’s toxic gas power plant in Wawayanda NY.

Our message is simple: FUCK SKANSKA.

We want to make the connection between the fracked gas power plant currently under construction right here in the Hudson Valley and the animal lab being built on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Both projects are being built by Skanska, an international construction firm that doesn’t seem to care who they build for, be it animal torturers or frackers.

Despite widespread local opposition and piss poor outreach to nearby residents, CPV has moved forward with site preparation and SkanskaUSA Civil Northeast, Inc, Ecco III and Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. have been destroying the moist fields and wildlife habitat on site since the summer. Recently they’ve begun to install 1800, 35 feet deep pylons for building the foundation and although they have been moving fast, we are picking up steam, growing our numbers and plan to escalate in defense of our bio-region now under attack.

We are inspired by the fierce resistance of the No new Animal Lab campaign that has been pressuring Skanska to cut their contract with the University of Washington. They’ve marched en masse 2x, locked down on site and gone to the homes of Skanska executives across the country to stop this lab and the animal abuse it unnecessarily creates. We wish them the best of luck and hope our small gesture of solidarity reaches them well!

For the animals of the earth,

Hudson Valley Earth First!

PS. They are planning a mobilization in New York in January to keep the pressure on Skanska to give up their plans and leave the animals alone. See you in the streets!

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