Support Stephanie Wilson!!

20. October 2015

Late last night while attempting to help a man whose dog had been hit by a car, Stephanie Wilson was run over by an SUV. The accident left her with life threatening injuries and claimed the life of the dog she was attempting to help (the man she was with was also injured, though less severely). For anyone who knows Steph, they know that her being injured while attempting to help others is an emblematic example of her unceasing willingness to put the lives of others before herself. Over the years, Steph has rescued countless animals, often traveling to disaster areas to volunteer as a relief worker, and has never hesitated to help someone in need. Just last week she was rescuing animals from the flooding in South Carolina.  But now this ceaseless champion of others needs your help.
As of now, Steph is sedated with a fractured skull and a blood clot in her brain. While all this is incredibly terrifying and her condition is critical, we and her doctors are cautiously optimistic that she will pull through. However, as Steph spends her life doing animal rescue (which as anyone involved knows is a passion project more that a stable career), she is without insurance. What is more, the individual driving the SUV that hit her was driving an uninsured vehicle on a suspending license. Therefore it is expected that the medical costs for a sustained hospital stay are likely to be astronomically high and likely will fall all on Steph herself. This is where you come in.
We are asking you to help her manage this unexpected burden. Please consider donating to help get Steph back on her feet and support the animals currently under her care. If you can’t personally afford to donate, please pass this gofundme campaign along to your friends. All money raised will go towards Steph’s recovery and immediate costs of animal care for the animals currently in her rescue.
Thank you and please keep Steph and her loved ones in your thoughts at this difficult time.

Click the following link!!!!

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