A Compilation In Defense Of The Earth! Now Available Online


Almost exactly one year ago Hudson Valley Earth First! had it’s first pressing of “A Compilation In Defense of The Earth” Now you can pick up a copy via More Trees Records or when you run into one of us at a local event or speaking engagement! they’re only 3-7$ (or josh fox money if you got it) and it includes a kick ass lyric book with essays by some of the bands!


(A)Truth – Gaia

billXnye – Insect Superiority

Selfbeater – Greed=Oppression

All Torn Up – Revolting

Godmode – Teenage Bedwetter

Mutual Assured Destruction – Consumer Death Squad

  Psyche War – Wasted Days

Cell 63 – Burn

Apogee Sound Club – You Fill Me With Inertia

Praxis – Iron Triangle of Death

Cop Problem – Bear Witness

Exshitstence – Quickening The Slaughter Of Us And The Land

 Living Laser – Life is Fragile

Inner Dam – Splinter Off

No More Victims – Self Inflicted Genocide

Dead Empires – Blackout

Wild’s Reprisal – Ethics of Respect for Nature

                                                                        DISC 2                                                                                                             

The Peeps – On The Lam

The Armedalite Rifles – The Big Plastic Explosion

Common Folk – Life

Under Some Bridges – Do What You Dare

O’ Great North – We All Live Downstream

Jewelweed – Relatin’

Rye N’ Clover – The Long Way Home

Mike And Ruthy – Drill On The Horizon

Woodspider – C’est La Vida Fuerte

 Little Moss – Road Block

Dan Mac and the Bullet – To Collapse Drink A Toast

 Batting A Thousand – You’ll Be Okay, I’ll Be Okay

 Yung Wu – Words To Come

Speed the Plough – Final Day

Amozan – Shrubs

Glenn Mercer Band – Rock n’ Roll

Mighty Girl – Where Darkness Comes

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