EVENT: “Hudson Valley Earth First! invites you to a weekend camp May 15th-17th”

Dear fellow earth defenders, rabble rousers, radical ecologists and anarchist comrades…

Hudson Valley Earth First! Invites you to a weekend long bio regional round up to connect with the land while sharing skills, stories, meals and fire this May 15th -17th in the 4,315 acre Ward Pound  Ridge Reservation in Westchester County NY (occupied Lenape territory).


 ​The park is home to a unique combination of meadows, sandy moraines, vernal ponds and rustic woodlands. Evergreen plantations, oak, hickory and maple forests, wooded wetlands, and the Cross and Stone Hill Rivers, provide habitat for many species including rare wildflowers, newly discovered dragonflies, elusive bobcat and other wildlife. Hudson Valley Earth first! acknowledges the history of colonization which displaced native communities throughout the Hudson River Valley or more appropriately named the “river that flows two ways” or “Muhheakantuck” as it was called by natives. As the people were colonized so too was the land; genocide and ecocide. With that in mind, we are reaching out to chiefs from the Ramapough Lenape Nation (the closest identifiable relative) about our presence on the land and to forge links in our struggles.

We are now accepting submissions for workshops, presentations, talks, and skill-shares.

Please write us at hudsonvalleyearthfirst@gmail.com to confirm attendance, submit ideas, get more details or help out with supplies.

There will be time for hiking, tree climbing, music & poetry and enjoying the splendor of the wild.


4 Reservation Rd

There’s a train station near by if needed, just let us know so we can arrange a few group pick ups


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