Day 4 Loyalsock State Forest- Northern Pennsylvania An Update from the canopy.

Hello World,



If you do not know my name is Hellbender (Hellbender also known as the hellbender salamander, is a species of giant salamander endemic to eastern North America ) and I am only going to take a moment of your time.



I’m sure by now someone has denounced the use of a tree-sit to defend the Loyalsock. They may say they can’t support such brazen forms of tree-hugging. To that I ask, WHY NOT? Has asking nicely of those who look at high elevation wetlands, rare pitcher plants, vast dense and (mostly un-fragmented forest eco-system, and the watershed for rock run as another fracked gas goldmine worked? Do you really think petitioning alone will stop someone with millions of dollars on the line? I am sotty to be the bearer of bad news, these kind of pipe dreams will not stop pipelines. The realization that the Board of the DCNR (PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) aren’t your friends is a hard one indeed. Let me stress one thing, while the current secretary of the DCNR may be in the back pocket of Anadarko and the gas company, Let us not assume that the rest of the DCNR are so easily corrupted. Many, if not most, of them are ecologists, biologists, environmental and forestry majors. I believe that they care deeply about this forest and our Mother Earth. Now is not the time to damn DCNR as a whole, let us direct our anger at Anadarko and anyone else who puts a price tag on nature. For any allies who want to plug in, share resources , donate, or just stay updated, visit I am sure I am not the only one who know this but folks, right now, we are winning. For now I leave with this and will check back when I can.



Keep it wild forever


Love and rage,



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