Calling for Earth First! Journal Submissions

Earth First! Newswire

Friends, Strangers, Comrades-in-arms, Allies-in-lockboxes, Revolutionaries-in-cubicles,

Remember that time when you were at that action and were hit suddenly with an epiphany—a poem, a comic, a manifesto, an idea for the way all living things on Earth could unite to defeat corporate colonialism? Or maybe you were just hit by a cop’s baton. Whatever it actually was, we want to hear about it!

Or perhaps you don’t take part in frontline actions, but spend long evenings ruminating on the state of the planet and composing decolonial propaganda that you want to be read by radicals, luddites, NSA data centers and prisoners all over the world. Well, here’s your chance!

This year’s second issue of the Earth First! Journal will be coming out soon, and we’ve started work on a third. We’ve already received some wonderful submissions, but we need more!

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