BREAKING: Hundreds of Protesters Shut Down Oil & Gas Chemical Supplier to Protest Fracking

BREAKING: Hundreds of Protesters Shut Down Oil & Gas Chemical Supplier to Protest Fracking

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UPDATE: Many have been arrested at today’s action  for blockading chemical shipments and in attempted lockdowns. One activist is still up in a tripod and being denied support. Please support them by sending donations to the Croatan Earth First! legal fund here 

Since this article was written, all are now out of jail…

More photos of the action here


First tripod sitter and other activists block Momentive facility gate as protesters occupy tanker

By halting delivery of fracking proppants protesters hope to stall fracking efforts in North Carolina. See bottom of article for list of Momentive facilities worldwide, and take action! 

Morganton, NC – On the edge of the western mountain range, protesters with Croatan Earth First! are currently occupying an industrial manufacturing facility owned by Momentive and located at 114 Industrial Drive.  North Carolinians, who have been fighting to prevent hydraulic fracturing from coming to central North Carolina are joined in this action by people from around the country who also oppose shale gas extraction nationwide.  Momentive is one of the largest worldwide distributors of “resin coated proppants,”  a necessary component for fracking.  Each fracturing stage requires approximately 136 tonnes of proppants.   

 “We are here to send a message to the oil and gas industries: we will not stand idly by as you destroy this land, or any other, for your personal profit. Respect existence, or expect resistance,” said an Earth First! activist.

Second tripod blocking Momentive driveway

Second tripod blocking Momentive driveway

The North Carolina legislature plans to begin permitting frack sites as early as March 2015 in the Cumnock Shale Basin located underneath Lee, Moore, Chatham, and surrounding counties.  Fracking has been tied to water aquifer contamination in Pavilion, Wyoming according to an EPA study and linked to high levels of methane in Pennsylvania water wells according to a study by Duke University.  Researchers with Cornell University found that fracking operations nationwide released massive amounts of methane (a greenhouse gas) straight into the atmosphere, and concluded that, if not curbed, would speed climate change faster than carbon emissions. 


The NC legislature is negotiating on the possibility of legalizing toxic wastewater injection in state or transporting it elsewhere.  The process uses 1-8 million gallons of clean water each time a well is fracked.

  “We are under drought conditions already, yet the oil and gas industry is allowed to pump millions of gallons of water out of our streams.  This is devastating life in our rivers and streams.  To make matters worse they send this water back into the riverways poisoned with radioactive materials,” said organizer Lydia Nickles.  “Preserving our waters is preserving our lives and all life. We want an end to shale gas extraction everywhere.”     

Activists with the Earth First! Movement are calling on people nationwide to resist fracking where they live and organize solidarity actions. 

“Even if you don’t have a rig in your area to shut down, you can affect the industry.   Momentive and other companies that create proppants for the gas industry have facilities nationwide as well as internationally.  It’s time to disrupt the chain of supply.  Go to and organize to take action now!” 

Momentive’s worldwide headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio and other locations can be found online at:

A message from Croatan Earth First!:  “We are acting in solidarity with and take inspiration from the courageous many who have been standing together to take action in the North Carolina capital during Moral Mondays, and we encourage everyone to continue to show our collective power, acting up against the repressive corporate and legislative powers for the liberation of all and the integrity of land, water and air.”

Croatan Earth First! encourages others to follow this example and take action against fracking and proppant manufacturing facilities. Find a location near you here:

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