Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring!

tumblr_mnbaaeCCwt1r953sco1_500Warm Spring greetings to all who still check this site, woefully inconsistent as updates are. That’s alright though, as things are about to change for the better. The website will be undergoing a major overhaul, hopefully resulting in more twitter/tumblr integration and a downright swankier look. These updates will come in waves, as the Luddites in our collective can generally not be trusted to have internet access for more than a day at a time. Content updates, however, will be streamlined, and hopefully we’ll have some paypal/bitcoin donation options soon. But now, with these petty logistical updates out of the way, let’s look to the state of our struggles to stem the eco-cidal madness threatening to drown us all.

First, a recognition that all struggles in our current context are the equivalent of”a thumb in the dam”. That is to say, we engage in campaigns against certain ecologically destructive projects in our local context, while understanding that the current climate crisis is everywhere, and many of our struggles are less than effective in defending the biological diversity necessary for the continued existence of the biosphere. That is not to say these efforts are meaningless, quite the contrary, with every action taken there is a chance, however small, that some aspect of it resonates with society. This resonance is a function of time, place, action, and many other factors. Imagine any action you take as a rock tossed into a pond, the ripples it  generates can have far reaching, unseen, and unforeseen effects. It is with this spirit that we continue to resist, hoping that one day our actions vibrate the web forcefully enough to destroy the social relations that uphold this system, the myriad oppressions and bullshit that is acted out and accepted daily in this, the belly of the industrial beast.  May all of our actions produce cracks that, impossible to close, take seed and grow into lush gardens of invasive joyful rebellion.

The campaigns HVEF! has engaged in so far have mostly ended in glorious defeat, but the future remains unwritten. The Minisink compressor station thrummed to life sometime this month, 64,000 tons a year of carcinogens promised along with it. The Tennessee Gas Pipeline is being constructed through the Delaware water gap even as these words reach the intarwebs, and the CPV/Wawayanda energy project continue through their rubber stamping processes(comments being accepted by DEC til June 15th). Also, neither Cuomo nor Corbett has agreed to donate a single helicopter to us. Just another example of the collusion between corporations and the state if you ask me.

The environmental movement in the northeast has seen a recent resurgence that has manifested mostly in more non-profits, NGO’s and professionally “eco-friendly”  lobbyers in the state capitals. This is all well and good, but when push comes to shove (or digger comes to soil) all we see is resistance typical of a non violence civil disobedience textbook. As if we could stop the most powerful corporations on Earth with easily research able, predictable, escalating campaigns that rely on media exposure to reach some tipping point of ” approval” at which point the madness will magically stop. This, my friends, is a narrative that the state and corporations love more than anything else. The media is enemy territory. When we try to engage in it, we can be successful for a time, but eventually the facade of public opinion turns. Like a deer playing on a roadway, we realize all too late that the terrain is by nature unfriendly. Where we can have real victories, and live life the way it was meant to be, is when we engage in the sort of unconventional resistance that can’t be planned for(by repressive forces and lawyers), can’t be analyzed, and is as virulent as the flu among real people.

Well anyway, I hope these ramblings have been somewhat informative. The calender will be updated soon with many upcoming events where you can come out to show your support for a different world(s). Just remember next time you find yourself out on a night hike, that new worlds aren’t possible without some creative “modifications” in this one.

-Love + rage from the docks


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