Upcoming events at SUNY Purchase
///Thursday, April 18///

Direct Action Part 1

In this workshop, we will discuss the history or direct action and civil disobedience, strategy and tactics with topics relating to protests, blockades, action preparation, affinity groups, and movement stories. Folks are enouraged to attend Direct Action 2 on Saturday the 20th for mock actions and role plays.
 7-9 pm at SUNY purchase in Social Sciences 1004
 (Lecture – bring stuff to take notes with!)


///Friday, April 19///

Tree Climbing Workshop

Participants will learn basic knot tying, the ABC’s of climb safety, how to ascend and descend a rope, what a tree-sit, free-state or road blockade is and how these skills can be used to fight fracking. We will give everyone an opportunity to get up in the trees 
11-3pm (location TBA)


 Screening of Who Bombed Judi Bari?
In the mid 1980’s the pace of old growth redwood forest
clear-cutting increased dramatically in California and lead to a resistance movement spearheaded by Earth First! 

… But on May 24 in 1990, a bomb blew up in the car of two of the most prominent Earth First! redwood activists: Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney – while they were driving through Oakland, CA. 

The FBI and Oakland Police immediately accused the pair of carrying their own bomb and of being environmental terrorists.

 7pm in Natural Sciences Lecture Hall (1001)


///Saturday, April 20///

Direct Action Part 2

 This workshop will cover lockdowns, blockades and direct action strategy.There will be mock actions and roles plays.
11-2pm at SUNY purchase at the Student Center
(Interactive practice – prepare to possibly be outside (sunscreen etc))

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