ACTION ALERT: Minisink Compressor Station protest to delay constructi​on!

Dear friends and allies:
On Monday October 1st 2012 Millennium Pipeline has plans to begin construction and tree clearing on the MInisink Compressor Station in Orange County NY. Come stand with Minisink residents, Hudson Valley Earth First! and others for a family friendly protest on Monday morning at 7am throughout the day to halt tree clearing and construction and protest Millennium’s refusal to wait for a final court determination to begin construction.
We will all meet at 90 Jacobs Road in Minisink NY which is directly across from the site.  If you can’t come at 7am, please come as soon as you can afterwards.   We need to have a strong showing especially early in the day so please come for as much as you can and as early as you can.  Meanwhile folks from will be attempting to get stays to halt construction in courts both locally as well as in D.C. 
If you can’t come Monday, there will be another action on Tuesday with shenanigans planned all week and beyond, so come on down or contact us for ways to plug in!
If you would like to donate to the HVEF! direct action fund, please get in touch! This is an escalating campaign to stop Millennium from destroying the Hudson Valley Bioregion and we have few resources so anything helps! We are also looking for donations of: Legal Funds, Climbing Gear (new prussiks, ropes, carabeeners, harnesses), Rain Gear, Camping Gear, REI gift cards, U-Locks, Bike Locks, handcuffs, Cement, PVC Pipe, Chicken Wire, 55 gallon drums metal or plastic, Water Filtration, A Truck or other vehicles for donation (junk cars ok), very long aluminum poles or logs, banner materials (sheer or parachute material), truck rope, tarps, rocket stove
The site is located within a 1/2 mile of 200 homes and within 1 mile of a nature preserve, renowned animal sanctuary, town park and many small and organic farms. This compressor project is one segment of a larger onslaught of gas infrastructure being proposed for Orange County, the Hudson River Valley and the Marcellus Shale region.

For more information about the project go to: or

No Gas Compressor!
No Compromise!

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