No Gas Power Plant! No Compromise!

Please Join us Friday August 31st, 2 – 4pm, on U.S 6W  at the Proposed Site of the Wawayanda Gas Power Plant
with signs of your own or ours to stand with us in saying:
No Gas Power Plant!
No Compromise!
Competitive Power Ventures, Inc., of Silver Springs, MD plans to build a $750 million gas power plant in the Town of Wawayanda in Orange County NY that could be built by 2013. The plant itself will be located on 33 acres of a 120-acre site located near the Pine Hill Cemetery outside the City of Middletown. The power plant will utilize fracked natural gas from the Millennium Pipeline. The plant would emit approximately 95 tons of particulate matter a year including Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxides, Ammonia, and Volatile Organic Compounds. This would add pollutants to a county with already poor air quality, as well as soil and water contamination, risk of explosion and the utilization of fracked natural gas. check the links section for more details on the project. The Town of Wawayanda & Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have already approved the project, but before the project can move ahead, 3 permits must be approved.
Approximate address: 3335 U.S. 6, New York
Coordinates: 41.413258, -74.440197
Before you come:

Tell the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to deny draft permits for Air State Facility, Freshwater and Wetlands, and Water Quality Certification! Written comments on the Draft Permits will be accepted by DEC until September 9, 2012

Contact: Christopher M. Hogan – NYS Department of Environmental Conservation – 625 Broadway – 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12233-1750 – Voice: (518) 486-9955 – Email:


2 thoughts on “No Gas Power Plant! No Compromise!

  1. Nobody is asking the best question: Why?

    The Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station can produce a peak of 2,525 megawatts but typically it runs at 40%.

    I have not seen anywhere what amount of energy this plant will produce, and why it is needed.

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