Hudson Valley Earth First! occupies Millennium Pipeline HQ

On Wednesday April 25, Hudson Valley Earth First! occupied the office building of Millennium Pipeline LLC, located in Pearl River, NY. We stormed into the second floor lobby equipped with a bullhorn, a fifteen foot balloon banner and a rowdy disposition. We were there to make a ruckus and disrupt business as usual. The drab lobby became adorned with our banner that read “Millennium Pipeline: No Gas Compressor, No fracking compromise,” as our chants echoed through the silent corporate hallways.

Millennium Pipeline, a subsidiary of NiSource (who is responsible for the devastating compressor station explosion in Artemis PA last fall), has plans to build a 12,260 horsepower gas compressor station in the middle of a residential / agricultural area in the Orange County town of Minisink, NY. Each year, approximately 61,000 tons of pollutants would be released, including many known carcinogens such as nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and VOC’s. This is all within a half mile of at least 145 homes and several farms. In a county with high rates of pediatric asthma and cancer as the 2nd cause of death, this project is not only irresponsible but unnecessary. The project would also negatively impact our non-human friends like the endangered Indiana Bat who call this area home as well.  The combination of toxic emissions and constant low frequency noise would harm the local population of an already vulnerable species.

The Minisink compressor station would connect onto the existing millennium Pipeline, which runs 180 miles through the southern tier of NY, allowing for more fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale to be transported. This project is part of a huge expansion plan that Millennium and other LLC’s have for the region; with compressor stations and power plants in Orange County, pipeline projects in Ramapo, NJ, the NJ – NY expansion pipeline by Spectra in the lower west side of NYC and more.

Millennium Pipeline and other fracking driven entities are trying to industrialize the mid-Hudson valley with gas infrastructure so they can facilitate the increased extraction of Marcellus Shale gas from our neighbors in Pennsylvania and Ohio. These companies will reap huge profits and have no problem lying and/or using communities to do it. If we have to put our bodies on the line to stop it, then we will.

Solidarity to folks in Pennsylvania and around the world holding it down to resist hydro-fracking and associated gas infrastructure and other earth energy extraction such as mountain top removal coal mining and tar sands.

Hudson Valley Earth First!

No Gas Compressor Stations!

No Pipelines!

No Power Plants!

No Drilling!

No Compromise!

We will win!


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