Upcoming Events!

Upcoming events:
Basic Tree Climb Training & Rope Work
Date: Monday April 16th
Time: 12 – 5pm
Place: SUNY Purchase – 735 anderson hill road Purchase, NY 10577 – Parking lot E2

Participants will learn basic knot tying, the ABC’s of climb safety, how to ascend and descend a rope, what a tree-sit,
free-state or road blockade is and how these skills can be used to fight fracking. We will give everyone an opportunity
to get up in the trees and see what all the fuss is about!

Meet in the farside parking lot @ 11:45am or call 845-542-7541 and meet us later.
Earth First! Resistance to Fracking/ False Solutions to Climate Change

Date: Monday April 16th
Time: 7 – 10pm
Place: SUNY Purchase – 735 anderson hill road Purchase, NY 10577 – Red Room –
 Located in the Student Services buliding, # 18 on the map
This workshop presents engaging and relevant stories about radical rural organizing as well as a resistance mission briefing—tactical reflections,
industry overview, past/other movement successes, reflections, and of course warrior skills for bringing down exploitative industry everywhere! 
We will discuss”false solutions” to climate change, such as nuclear power, agro-fuels, genetically engineered trees, carbon trading and natural gas,
now being being touted as a clean domestic energy source. We will provide opportunities for folks to plug into the work Marcellus Shale Earth First is doing.
Hudson Valley Earth First! general interest and action planning
Date: Thursday April 18th
Time: 6:30pm
Place: The Empowerment Center – 144 Broadlea Road, Goshen, NY 10924
We will discuss our growing direct action campaign against fracking and gas infrastructure and talk about the various projects both Millennium and other
companies have proposed for the Hudson Valley bioregion.  We will outline our general plan for the April 25th action and encourage YOU to help with the details of the day!
For more information on what has already been done to stop the Minisink Gas Compressor, please check out the site for our Minisink allies:
 Earth Day tabling event at SUNY OCCC

Date: April 19th
Time: 9am – 1pm
Place: 1 Washington Center, Newburgh NY 12550

Come visit Hudson Valley Earth First! at the earth day tabling event. We will have the Earth First! journal
OCCUPY Millennium Pipeline Headquarters!
Date: Wednesday April 25th
Time: 12pm
Place: 1 Blue HillPlaza – Pearl River, NY (Rockland County), meet in visitors parking lot (e-mail for details)
MillenniumPipeline, a natural gas company, has plans to build a 12,260hp gas compressionstation in the middle of a residential area in Westtown, New York (Minisink).This is the same company found to have leaks and faulty welds in their existingpipes. Gas compressor stations are known to cause air and water pollution andsoil contamination. This project is just one tier amongst many proposed gasinfrastructure projects in our area that would facilitate fracked gas fromPennsylvania and possibly New York. Stand up for the Hudson valley! Stand in Solidarity with folks fighting fracking! Occupy Millennium Headquarters!

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